Booking a newborn session is such an exciting time! Deciding to have professional photography done is something I truely wish had done with my babies. Beautiful images to keep for a lifetime. Let’s talk about a topic that I speak to mums about before their newborn session.

The night before the photography shoot I often receive a message from beautiful mummas worrying about if their baby will “play ball” with the photography session in the morning. I often get ask “What happens if my baby does not settle” or “When should I feed?, Should I hold off until you arrive?”. Understandably this is a cause for anxiety for parents and I completely understand, having three children of my own I can relate to the feeling of trying to settle your little bundle of joy.

My advice is always, carry on as if this was a normal day in your home. The beauty of my newborn sessions is that I come to you!. This is the best place for you and your baby to feel comfortable and where I want to be for this reason alone. It creates an environment for baby to feel safe and secure being where home is, everything is right there if you need it. When mum is relaxed baby is more than likely feeding off your relaxing vibes.

Feed baby when you would normally feed baby, my whole newborn photography session is based around your baby, when they are settled is when I work my magic!. I am yet to experience a session where baby has not settled, sure there are sessions where baby might settle for only a short period of time and this is when i jump in to capture the moments. All my session I’ve managed to capture so many absolutely gorgeous images when babies are ready, and if for some reason your session day was just not meant to be, we can always reschedule for another day. No stress.

I pride myself on being a natural free moving photographer, I am extremely easy going and patient. I’m guided by your babies queues, their patterns and only ever pose them in positions they are comfortable in. Creative sessions allow plenty of time for feeding and settling baby, whilst we chat about motherhood! I am always so interested in your birth stories and how you are going.

For a limited time I am offering a 10% discount off my packages, for sessions booked before the 16th July 2020. Mention the special discount code WINTERMOMENTS upon booking a package.

What could be the connection between a local Hawke’s Bay photographer and World Environment day I hear you say?

Have you ever walked outside and thought… ” That’s one beautiful sunset”. Maybe you have gone for a walk in our local White Pine bush or gone for a run/bike up Te Mata Peak and soaked up all the beauty of the environment, the stillness and peace is something that always draws us back to that place to relax and appreciate our surroundings.

That exact feeling is what formed the foundation for my photography style . From capturing tranquil organic earthy nature images that give you a sense of peace to incorporating the environment into business product photography right through to my Newborn style.

Over here at Johanna Baty photography i am very focused on incorporating by beliefs around awareness in protecting our environment into my work. I work alongside New Zealand owned and operated businesses. Creating images that reflect their vision in creating a sustainable environment/world. Being a mother of three, I’m very mindful in making small changes at a time to protect the environment and creating a healthier, safer home.

Supporting and creating images for The Hello Cup, Dream Eco products and currently working alongside Raglan Food Co. These are all New Zealand companies dedicated to protecting you and the earth!. Johanna Baty photography uses Dream Eco products when washing all newborn wraps, blankets and props.

Protecting our planet for our children and their children is so important. Search for local New Zealand businesses who are making the biggest changes already with the environment and sustainability. Support New Zealand made and operated they are leading the way!.

I am incredibly proud of my natural earthy photography style, and working alongside companies making a difference. I will continue to add beautiful nature photography to my website, all images are available to purchase in a range of sizes, perfect for your home or business

As for working alongside the Raglan Food Co. keep your eyes peeled for their imagery, exciting times!.

Jo x