About Me

Thanks for visiting my page, Im Johanna a wife to an incredible man, a mother of three beautiful children and a health care professional.

When did i choose photography? … I think photography chose me! from a very young age i found myself behind the old school wind up disposable cameras, then to a film camera in which i remember saving my money to buy rolls of film. I took my camera everywhere i went and captured life as i grew.

My amazing husband got me a digital camera for one of my birthdays and ever since my passion for photography spiralled, a couple of upgrades later and here i am.

I have a Bachelor degree in Nursing and a Diploma in Professional Photography and will continue to emerge myself in the photography world, its where my heart is.

Why choose me?

I am extremely passionate about my photography, i believe as a photographer you need an eye for detail, a personal style, and a big heart. I capture images that are natural, emotional, raw and artistic. I absolutely love working with families & children and have a strong pull towards newborn photography. I enjoy forming everlasting relationships with my clients they truly are the heart of my business, i go above and beyond for them.